Quaboag Quilting
reparation for Shipping

Quilt Top

  1. Be sure quilt edges are squared off and even on all sides.

  2. Clip and remove all loose threads. (Lint rollers work well.)

  3. Press top thoroughly, making sure all seams are pressed and the top is wrinkle free.

  4. Seams should be well-secured to avoid separation during the quilting process.

  5. Label the top of the quilt (if there is one) with a safety pinned note.

  6. If there are many seams exposed, stay-stitching around all 4 sides is recommended.

Quilt Back

  1. Make sure that the backing fabric for your quilt is at least 6 inches bigger than your top on all 4 sides.

  2. Your backing fabric must be squared off with straight edges.

  3. Press out creases and press seams flat.


  1. You must supply the batting of your choice. Again, it must be at least 6 inches bigger than the top on all 4 sides, but not larger than the quilt backing.

Note: Please provide top, backing, and batting separately. Do not pin or baste together.
hipping Information
The customer will pay all shipping fees. An additional s&h fee of $10.00 will be charged when going back to the customer.
Shipping address:

    Quaboag Quilting

    9 Clemence Ave

    Sterling, MA 01564-2411